John became 区域经理 of the SWCD in March of 2018 after serving as a board member and Treasurer for many years. His background includes 15 years of experience working in energy efficiency, 节约用水, 回收及雨水管理. John also served as the Director of the Office of Sustainability for the City of 印第安纳州polis, where he led the implementation of the Mayor’s SustainIndy initiative and secured over $18 million in federal grant funds for various sustainability projects. 他开发和管理了城市可持续设施倡议. John holds a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning from Portland State University with a specialization in Environmental Planning.
Kevin is Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District’s 城市土壤健康专家. He is focused on assisting land users in applying the principles of 土壤健康 to gardens and small farms for the benefit of soil function and the environment. His background includes work with conservation cropping systems in large-scale agriculture as well as 3 years of service in the Peace Corps Dominican Republic’s Community Environmental Development sector. Kevin holds a BS in Environmental Science from 印第安纳州 University and serves on the South西 Regional 土壤健康 Team.
Julie worked as a full time 资源保育人士 for the District from 1988 to the end of 1996. 从那以后很多年, she has assisted the District in training new employees and helping with technical assistance during their busy seasons. Julie目前兼职提供咨询服务, 调查和设计援助,以帮助业主的土地使用, 排水和侵蚀问题. 她也编辑地区通讯, 管理网站和帮助创建教育出版物. Prior to working for the District Julie worked for the Marion County Health Department. 她得了一个B.S. 印第安纳大学公共事务/环境科学学位.
Alena is Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District’s 城市自然资源. She works with contractors and developers to help prevent soil erosion and sediment pollution as part of the SWCD’s partnership with DPW, bn, 和同前的. 她的背景包括资助写作, 褐色土地评估, 农业, 和程序开发/业务. 阿莱娜拥有IUPUI可持续管理和政策学位.

美国农业部- NRCS工作人员

杰洛德咀嚼 nrc地区自然资源
Jerod serves both Marion and Hendricks Counties helping our landowners and farmers through NRCS programs and funding. 杰洛德咀嚼 served as the Director of the 印第安纳州 State Department of Agriculture, 加入美国农业部之前的土壤保持部, 自然资源保护服务. He has over 10 years of experience working in the field of conservation both in the field and in administration. 他拿的是B.S. 生命科学学位,强调生态学.


当选 & 任命董事会监事

一个监事会监督马里恩县的土地 & Water Conservation District’s operations and represent the interests of land users in the county. 监事会雇佣员工提供服务, 基于对当地土地使用和自然资源的关注. 监事由五(5)名无薪县居民组成. 选出三(3)名,任命两(2)名. 选举产生的监事会在我们的年度会议上选出. 指定的监事由州保护委员会批准.   另外, 副主管, 也被选来协助执行局, 但是他们没有投票权.  They participate in advising the supervisors in the decision-making for district business. Both Supervisors and 副主管 take an active roll in setting forth the District’s Plan of Work. 要查看当前工作计划的副本,请单击 在这里.

作为Christopher B的资源规划师. 伯克工程, LLC在印第安纳波利斯, 印第安纳州, Heather works with the MS4 Coordinators from several NPDES Phase II communities in 印第安纳州 to develop and implement all components of their Storm水 Quality Management Programs (SWQMP). Heather also completes erosion and sediment control inspections on behalf of both public agencies and private development. 除了, 希瑟通过化学方法完成各种水质评估, 物理, and biological data collection and analysis; including IDDE screening, QHEI, 大型无脊椎动物, 和鱼类群落取样.


麦琪和她的丈夫, 杰森, live in the riverside Township of Rocky Ripple and enjoy the wildlife and beauty the White River brings to their neighborhood. 麦琪得了B.A. 陶瓷的学位 & 创意写作,一个M.地球文学学位, 通过生态学检验可持续性的跨学科程度, 道德, 和人类学的镜头.

麦琪过去十年一直在食品获取非营利领域工作, beginning with managing and developing an award-winning community garden resource center from 2011-2016, which served an urban 印第安纳州polis neighborhood with garden beds for residents, 一个为工作坊和志愿者提供机会的教学花园, 3000加仑的雨水收集系统, 以及一个提供本地和商业品种的果园. 自2016年以来, Maggie has worked at the Edna Martin Christian Center that includes a 2 acre 城市农场, 以及青年和老年人的代际花园. 她还与一个更大的食物获取网络合作, 马丁代尔布莱特伍德食品资源网络, 协调社区花园, 城市农场, 国内种植者, and local distributors seeking to support greater food access and security for residents living in a food desert.

B.S. 环境资源工程
Brian has over 36 years of experience working in both the public and private engineering sectors in the 水, 废水和雨水部门. 作为一个积极的水质爱好者和环保主义者, 布莱恩也为白河联盟工作, IWEA国际人民水, 和土木环境 & 水资源研究所. A fan and advocate for Low Impact Development (LID) Green Infrastructure design concepts, 布莱恩努力将它们融入他职业生涯的各个方面.
奥利维亚Speckman是V3公司的科学家, 前Williams Creek咨询公司, 在印第安纳波利斯市中心. 专业, 作为V3的顾问, 奥利维亚与开发人员合作, 业主, 和管理机构,以维持或改善水, 流, 以及印第安纳州和整个中西部的森林质量. 在她的业余时间, Olivia places importance on bettering the conditions of 水ways by gathering with other advocates through Reconnecting to Our Waterways and volunteering for cleanups that directly affect the local 水ways. Olivia has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Ball State University and a certification in Watershed Management through the 印第安纳州 Watershed Leadership Academy. Olivia拥有使用ArcGIS的经验, AutoCAD, 水道允许, 及与社署董事会的利益相关者协调工作. Olivia currently resides in her hometown of Lawrence with her family and is looking forward improving her community through her work on the SWCD board.
泰勒高夫 oversees the planning and operation of all aspects of Indy Urban Acres, 这是印第安纳波利斯公园联盟的一个项目. Gough was hired by the Parks Alliance in 2011 to transform eight acres of unused city park land into a sustainable, 城市农场. 今天, IUA是东部四个有机农场组成的系统, 西, and south sides of 印第安纳州polis that grows and harvests fruits and vegetables to feed more than 50,000人处于粮食不安全状态. IUA平均产生40个,000磅农产品, which is delivered to food pantries and directly to families via the Veggie Box program. Gough is driven by the belief that that each member of our community should be able to attain proper nutrition for themselves and their families, and to have access to the educational tools necessary to provide for themselves.


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