What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Mansy 08 (with special guest Venus)


Valentine's Day: Judgment Day for Mansy. Or does it have to be? On the eighth installment of our interview series Ordinary People, Extraordinary Mansy, we bring back Venus to discuss what women really want for Valentine's Day. Men trump themselves, women set unfair expectations, and Mansy is left out in the cold. How can Mansy get it right?

In this episode:

  • a list of outside-the-box gifts that do not work - and ones that do
  • should you buy lingerie?
  • the importance about talking about the holidays in the beginning of the relationship
  • what you should be doing throughout the relationship to defuse Valentine's Day
  • how to play the long game
  • what American women are getting wrong
  • what women need to accept about the Super Bowl.

What Women Really Want For Valentine's Day. It's easier than you think.

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