How to handle rejection from women

Rejection is the most important thing in life. It forms you as a man. And only one reality exists: how you handle it.

We see it as a bad experience when women reject us. We perceive ourselves as having defects. What you need to realize is that when a woman rejects you, it has nothing to do with you.

You’re always quick to blame yourself. But the problem isn’t you. It’s her. You just don’t see this yet.

Getting rejected by women is not only normal; it’s an opportunity. Recognize your uniqueness, your power, and that it makes you better, not worse.

In this episode:

  • avoid turning rejection into fear
  • the importance of surrounding yourself with people
  • why you should not isolate yourself
  • it’s all about her insecurities
  • why she is unable to step up to your level of courage


How To Handle Rejection From Women. What you let people see is up to you.

How to raise a two-year-old

#AmericanMansyPodcast 134

How you raise him is how he learns. Period.

He learns what you teach him. That’s his development.

American society likes to label and market things. You’ll hear all about the Terrible Twos. We’re here to separate reality from myth.

The good news is that it’s easier and more rewarding than you think.

In this episode:

  • the real truth vs. mystery
  • true cost vs. perceived cost
  • how to deal with your wife
  • why you can no longer have regrets
  • how to be a parent instead of a coach

How To Raise A Two-Year-Old. Remember: you are in the driver’s seat.

Why Men Are Becoming Women

#AmericanMansyPodcast 133

We are raising our boys to be afraid. The coddling of children has taken over grit, bravery and resolve. Are girls more allowed to fend for themselves while boys are over-mothered and overprotected? Is this why American men now are playing dress-up more than women? Are American men desperate for attention? Is vanity and over-sensitivity the new manliness? In this episode:

  • why little boys have stopped acting like boys
  • is the gym the new adult playground?
  • why boys are not expected to fail
  • some startling statistics regarding grooming products, satchels & breadwinners

Why Men Are Becoming Women. We only have ourselves to blame.

What You Need To Do When You Turn Forty

#AmericanMansyPodcast 132

Forty is the old age of youth – and the youth of old age. Nobody wants to believe that he’s getting older. But it’s the eleventh hour. You have to take a final shot at the buzzer. It’s your last chance to make anything happen. And it starts with your health and your finances. You don’t get wiser with age. It’s just repetition. Improve your health. Improve your finances. And make the final push for success for the rest of your life. In this episode:

  • the distinction between habits vs. necessity
  • why you must drop your ego and go to the doctor
  • the truth about life insurance
  • you are not dead yet

What You Need To Do When You Turn Forty. Time isn’t money – it’s everything.

Is Laziness The New Manliness?

#AmericanMansyPodcast 131

Do you do whatever you want?

Do you call the shots and make your own way in the world? We hope so. So long as it’s not at the expense of yourself.

There’s a widespread misconception of manhood in American culture. It’s this: My mind and body is a rental car and I’m going to treat it as such.

Does this make you George Clooney? Frank Sinatra? No. It makes you careless, negligent and lazy.

The greatest hallmark of manliness is self-control.

In this episode:

  • why you’re insecure about men with self-control
  • the selfishness of self-neglect when you have kids
  • peer pressure ends in adolescence
  • why self-control is the ultimate test

Is Laziness The New Manliness? If it is, America is in bigger trouble than we had thought.

What To Do If She's A Sociopath

#AmericanMansyPodcast 130

Is ADHD crap? Is saying you’re bi-polar an excuse? Does erratic, nut-job behavior always require a label? At some point in your life, you will become psycho in a relationship. It stems from Good Guy Syndrome. Women become psycho also. The good news is that you can recognize it. The bad news is that you will become psycho too. Our show today is inspired by a listener’s email.

In this episode:

  • how to recognize the problem
  • should you take the bait
  • how far is too far
  • why are you attracted to these women?

What To Do If She’s A Sociopath. Are you just along for the ride?

Have You Relapsed Back Into Mansy?

#AmericanMansyPodcast 129

You thought you had beaten it. You listened to this podcast and thought you had gotten rid of Mansy forever. Now, you’re in a new relationship. Bad habits and old patterns have fired up again. In a long-term relationship or marriage, Mansy has reared its head. Again. How did this happen? How did something that was so clear become so central in your life again? The bad news – the temptation for Mansy always exists. The good news – your daily vigilance can keep it in remission forever. But it requires recognition, effort and hard work. And it’s important to recognize the signs of Mansy’s return.

In this episode:

  • Mansy’s life source is laziness
  • inaction always brings about bad judgment
  • there’s no greater fix than telling the truth
  • the number one sign that you have relapsed
  • how Uncle Todd & Dave The Masshole almost relapsed themselves

Have You Relapsed Back Into Mansy? It’s not the end of the world – only the end of freedom and happiness.

Why Men And Women Should Live Apart When They're Together

#AmericanMansyPodcast 128

Nagging vs. Counter-nagging. Nothing is perfect. Effort goes unnoticed. Contributions to living arrangements are criticized. Maybe we’ve gotten it wrong. Maybe men and women can’t get along. Maybe we’ve all done the best we can. So it’s time to live apart – even when we’re together. Forget the Man Cave – how about a Man House? Duplexes for everyone. Compromise doesn’t work. There’s a separation of Church and State in the United States. Maybe there should be a separation of Men and Women when they’re together – and the dinner table is Switzerland.

In this episode:

  • if you can’t get it right according to her, maybe you shouldn’t be there
  • is it time for tunnels, requisition orders and written requests?
  • have we ultimately failed to communicate?
  • has it ever been a good idea?

Why Men And Women Should Live Apart When They’re Together. Antarctica is lovely this time of year.

Confidence, Hard Work, Talent: Your Mandate For Success

#AmericanMansyPodcast 127

Talent is useless. That’s right. Stories of wasted talent fill the graveyard. In and of itself, talent cannot flourish without confidence and hard work. Greatest talents of know this. Confidence and hard work are the catalysts – talent seals the deal. From Michael Jordan to Michael Phelps, they achieved world-class status through confidence and hard work first. This also applies to us – ordinary people. This mandate leads to success.

In this episode:

  • confidence is a choice
  • hard work itself is a talent
  • your talents only flourish via confidence and hard work
  • only you can execute this for your life

Confidence, Hard Work, Talent: Your Mandate For Success. Bust your ass – and be greater than you imagined.

Why American Men Need Arranged Marriages

#AmericanMansyPodcast 126

Americans expect perfection and happiness. We have too many choices. The rest of the world expects tragedy; the United States is surprised by it. The same is true with Mansy and his relationships. American men are never happy with what they have. They’re always looking around the corner to upgrade. They look for defects where none exist. With a fifty percent divorce rate for people under thirty, it’s time to accept that free will and choice have failed. We don’t know what we want. And divorce is too easy. In this episode:

  • the astonishing divorce rates in the US
  • Mansy deal breakers for men
  • why American men don’t know how to be happy
  • why we must grow up and accept imperfection

Why American Men Need Arranged Marriages. The Victoria’s Secret catalog is a fiction too.

Why You Should Never Ask About Her Past

#AmericanMansyPodcast 125

Guess what – she’s slept with other people. You know this. They were with her before you. And it means nothing. When you ask her or investigate her sexual past, you only reveal your own insecurities. You’re not in competition with old boyfriends. They’re gone. What happened in the bedroom with them does not exist anymore. She’s with you now. Healthy relationships only exist when the past remains in the past.

In this episode:

  • your stock with her plummets when you show your insecurities about her sexual past
  • become the person of her future
  • you stand to gain nothing
  • she will only question your manhood

Why You Should Never Ask About Her Past. The more you ask about the past, the quicker you will join it.

Why No Problem Is Bigger Than You Are

#AmericanMansyPodcast 124

American men love to live in drama. They bring it on themselves. But when it comes to problem solving, they forget one fundamental thing – the task at hand. Whether it’s yourself, your relationship or your family, when problems big and small arise you must remember that it’s never bigger than you are. It’s not about being tough or macho; it’s about manning up and handling reality.

In this episode:

  • why you must remove emotion out of the equation
  • don’t live in the problem – solve it
  • she will only bring you down if you allow it
  • family cannot dictate your life

Why No Problem Is Bigger Than You Are. Your happiness is a choice

How To Handle Her Jealousy

#AmericanMansyPodcast 123

When a man lies, a woman thinks it’s the truth. When he tells the truth, she thinks it’s a lie. Men can’t win most of the time. But when it comes to her unfounded jealousy, he can. A woman can be jealous if she has probable cause. But if she’s jealous for no reason whatsoever, there’s a serious problem. If she has trust issues, you must recognize this early. Most men are monogamous, focused and not up to something. But if her ridiculous, groundless jealousy gets in the way, you must handle it now.

In this episode:

  • the three steps on how to handle her jealousy
  • why you shouldn’t change your behavior for her fictional reality
  • you know the truth whether she accepts it or not
  • how to recognize the signs early
  • why six months is the deadline

How To Handle Her Jealousy. It’s easier than you think.

What To Do When Your Mother Hates Your Girlfriend

#AmericanMansyPodcast 122

One of the most pivotal rites of passage in a relationship is introducing your girlfriend to your mother. The pressure is on her – and you. There are many pitfalls and landmines along the way. Will they compete for the top position? Are you the number one son? Is your girlfriend a princess ready to cause a problem? And if your mother hates her or doesn’t like her, are you ready to man-up and take control? Whose side do you take? And what role do you play?

In this episode:

  • why you must prepare your girlfriend before the visit
  • why you must accept the truth about your relationship with your mother
  • first impressions are everything
  • why you must give the illusion of power
  • when your girlfriend is the true problem

What To Do When Your Mother Hates Your Girlfriend. A game plan and mutual respect are essential.

Why It Has And Always Will Be A Game

#AmericanMansyPodcast 121


When it comes to relationships, the game never ends. In childhood, we leverage the game to get what we want. In adolescence into our twenties, we mistake passion for the architecture behind everything we do. In marriage, the game changes from pursuit and drama and becomes about the nest. Different parameters, different expectations, yet still a game. You might think you have found the most fundamentally compatible person on the planet. But awareness and having a game plan are essential. Because it always has, and always will be a game.

In this episode:

  • how the game starts in infancy
  • if you didn’t date in high school, you will set yourself back years
  • men believe in true love more than women do
  • if you don’t participate in marriage, your wife will own it
  • in marriage, you must hit the reset button and prepare for the new game

Why It Has And Always Will Be A Game. The best way to fight a war is by preventing it.

Why American Men Should Stop Having Sex

#AmericanMansyPodcast 120


Can you handle sex? Can you handle women? From the time we’re teenagers, through our twenties and up until we’re married, we think we’re ‘the man.’ In our teens, we’ll stick it anywhere, put it anywhere, put anything on it. In our twenties, whether we will admit it or not, we were always looking around for an upgrade. Finally, in a long-term relationship or marriage, we still think we ‘got it,’ and might make the dumb mistake of creating a second emotional connection with a woman. Is being a womanizer a sign of strength or insecurity? Are you desperate for attention? Have you thought about the consequences?

In this episode:

  • think before you act
  • why you must be selective
  • one-night stands become a problem whether you like it or not
  • cheating creates the same problems twice over
  • do you prefer your insecurities over your dignity?

Why American Men Should Stop Having Sex. This episode is not anti-sex – it’s anti-stupidity

Time To Grow Up And Be A Dad

#AmericanMansyPodcast 119


You’re a divorced father. The marriage or relationship didn’t work out. But you both had children. And there’s a particular kind of divorced father that’s still trying to work his ‘mojo,’ that he’s still ‘got it,’ that he’s still looking for the love of his life. He’s out in the dating scene looking for new, exciting options when it comes to women. The reality: You’re a dad. Your top priority is your children. Selfishness is at the bottom of the list. Forget about dating. Forget about falling in love. This is the province of teenagers. You never met ‘The One.’ The love of your life is your children. In this episode:

  • time towards chasing women is time away from your kids
  • a divorced dad is never a swinging single
  • time towards children and career will bring about the right woman
  • setting an example for your son and daughter is more important than getting ass
  • how to use diplomacy with their mother
  • how to manage disappointment

Time To Grow Up And Be A Dad. You will soon be raising teenagers – stop acting like one.

How To Prevent Women From Changing You

#AmericanMansyPodcast 118


Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and a woman trying to change you. Her attempts aren’t something you can change. What is within your control, however, is the degree to which you allow your wife or girlfriend to change you. There are extreme cases and not-so-extreme cases. On the one hand, there are women who want to completely change who and what you are. On the other, there are women who want you to improve. Sometimes it’s for your own benefit, but mostly it’s for their benefit. What you have to determine – and recognize – is when and how this starts, and how to develop a game plan you can manage.

In this episode:

  • the distinction between compromise and surrender
  • the red flag of her changing your religion, career and your relationship with your family
  • the difference between her passing judgment and wanting you to be better
  • the importance of speaking up; the truth about your life vs. her truth about your life

How To Prevent Women From Changing You. It’s your life – only you have the final word.

Why Meeting Better Women Starts With You

#AmericanMansyPodcast 117


Everybody wants to upgrade. You’re tired of second-rate, and settling for second-best. You want to meet better women. You won’t achieve this, however, by going to better bars or more upscale nightclubs. The only way to meet better women is by focusing on you. This is the longer, more difficult road. It will take months, even years. But the payoff is greater. Nothing worthwhile is easy, or happens overnight. You need to have higher standards for yourself. This is a process; it’s not winning the lottery. And you must start today. In this episode:

  • you can no longer seek only drama and sex
  • to upgrade with women, you must know what you want from life
  • you must identify old patterns and trends and not repeat them
  • why having responsibility and accountability about your past is essential
  • your higher standards begin with you

Why Meeting Better Women Starts With You. And women have nothing to do with it.

Top Ten Signs Your Relationship Is Working

#AmericanMansyPodcast 116


We’ve told Mansy many things when it comes to women and relationships – what to look out for, what to avoid, and what to put into practice. This is not to say that we’re perfect, that we don’t make mistakes. But to have a successful relationship is not a science. You just know that you’re in a good one. It should be fun, effortless, and improve the quality of your life. Perhaps enduring many bad relationships might make it difficult to recognize the virtues of a good one. We outline the ten things that should be happening – a halftime checklist. In this episode:

  • the importance of no pressure
  • mutual respect is a non-issue
  • the phenomenon of involuntary happiness
  • lack of fear of the truth
  • why love means less than you think

The Top Ten Signs Your Relationship Is Working. It’s not as difficult as you may think