'Remember When' Is The Lowest Form Of Conversation.

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He sat at the bar. The staff kept saying hello to him. He looked uncomfortable, as if his surroundings had appeared around him out of nowhere and he had no idea where he was. But he did. He had returned to the scene of the crime – a bar where he had used to hang out with old co-workers. And there’s nothing Mansier than strolling down memory lane with old co-workers from a place that fired you.

Would it ever cross your mind? Not mine. Even though I haven’t gotten fired many times in life, I have left many jobs, mainly in my twenties. The majority of them were in restaurants. But never in my life would I want to hang out at a place that had fired me. A girl dumps you for a reason. She didn’t want you in her life anymore, regardless of why it happened. The place of business fired you for a reason. No matter what, they didn’t want you there anymore. Maybe you did something embarrassing. Maybe you stole from them, or damaged company property. Maybe you left on really bad terms and the job wasn’t a good fit for you. Fine. That’s life. Life goes on. But to come back like an ex-high school athlete strolling the old gym recalling past victories is an embarrassment to yourself.

Excessive pride is annoying and narcissistic. Personal pride, personal dignity, however, is another question entirely. We have all worked with people who have made a lot of noise on the way out of a job. Perhaps they complained non-stop. Any job will give you frustrations where you need to vent. But to return and seek out the same people you no longer work with and vent about old problems is ridiculous. Mansy is the inability to manage yourself. Here is a golden opportunity. Sitting and talking with a bartender about a girl who dumped you that he knew is no different. Have you not even tried to move on?

The guy finally left. His old co-workers seemed pleased to have seen him again. Even the old bartender seemed happy to see him, that he could come by and say hello at his old post-work watering hole. Maybe my pre-old age cynicism is beginning to fester. But forward movement is always the order of the day.

There’s a classic episode of The Soprano’s when Tony takes Pauly Walnuts down to Miami Beach for a meeting. Pauly waxes romantic about the old days, and at good times gone by. Tony becomes disgusted. “’Remember when’ is the lowest form of conversation,” he said to Pauly. Wisdom, for the ages.

- ‘Uncle’ @Todd_Behrend

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