Are you afflicted?


We didn’t have a clue. None. Women, money, sex, dating, relationships – all were a lost cause.

We never found a dramatic relationship we didn’t like. Pour some alcohol and youth on it with a splash of living-outside-your-means-at-all-times and voilà – instant Mansy.


Mansy in America is decades in the making. It affects the American man’s ability to handle money, time, himself – and the American woman.

Mansy is not a creation. We did not invent it.

But we see it – everywhere – in American life.

We’ve lived it. Everything we talk about happened to us – because we allowed it.

Mansy in America is an epidemic. All we’ve done is reveal it and name it. And it all started with this man:


Frank. The impossible standard.

Or is he?

Frank Sinatra was a monster talent. He lived on his own terms, a legendary man’s man. But avoiding Mansy isn’t about being macho, emulating Frank Sinatra, or being a consumer about what’s manly in American culture.

It’s about ignoring and denying all of this.

What made Frank Frank wasn’t about blazing a trail – it was about remaining loyal to his own standard.

As American men, we don’t stay loyal to our standards. We don't even have our own standards.

This is the origin of American Mansy.

Meet the next impossible standard:


No one will ever come close to being Marilyn Monroe.

Countless women have tried – and failed.

They’re counterfeiters. They became Madonna. They became Sex And The City. They became the American Trixie. They became the Trophy Wives, the Soccer Moms, the Unattainable Standard that American Men have thought that they have needed to measure up to and aspire to all of their lives.

Like Frank, Marilyn wasn’t trying to blaze a path. She was just being Marilyn. She was loyal to her own standard.

And American Men didn't have a clue.


American men have no standards.

They have no accountability.

They live in fear.

This is American Mansy today.


American Mansy is an affliction, an individual, a description. It’s something you’re born with. It flares up when you least expect it, like a bad case of herpes.

It compromises your self-control.

We know this. We’ve lived this. And we don’t want you to make the same mistakes that we did.


We want you to learn how to handle serious breakups – and how to meet women afterwards.

We want you to know why your dad didn’t warn you about life, sex and women.

We want you to be smart - and not get married before thirty.


We want you to learn how not to be the nice guy who finishes last.



We're not licensed professionals. We don’t have PhDs. We didn’t learn about life, relationships and women in a classroom.

We’re two regular guys.

Our experience is life itself – which is the only way a man learns about anything.

Join us. Become a #Mansinista.

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'Uncle' @Todd_Behrend, a recovering Mansy-holic, was born and raised in New York. After swimming for the University of Miami Hurricanes he became an actor in Chicago, understudying and performing in three productions with the great Steppenwolf Theatre. He has had the honor of working with Rondi Reed, Frank Galati, Austin Pendleton and John Malkovich, among others. He's represented by Big Mouth Talent at 312-421-4400

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@DaveTheMasshole Friedrich, the original Mansy-holic now in full recovery on the other side, was born the youngest of eight in Massachusetts. Growing up at the mercy of his older brothers, as a child they woke him up with Right-Guard aerosol showers and stuffed him into a barrel, rolling him down Brownheart's Hill. Many times. At the bottom of that hill, however, The Masshole was born. An over twenty-year veteran of the restaurant business from dishwasher to regional manager, he has interacted with over a half-million people, witnessing firsthand the Mansification of America in the habitat where people most let their guards down — where they eat and drink. He believes in ghosts, the New England Patriots, and the Boston Red Sox.


The American Mansy logo was created by Drew Bialko. A children's author & illustrator, his first book Selfish was published this year. You can find him on Twitter @DBialko.